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Author: Frank Seifert Off The Hook Fly Shop Great Fishing Spots Around Placerville, California About a 10-minute drive just northeast of Placerville , in a town called Pollock Pines, is Jenkinson Lake . Jenkinson Lake is an ideal lake for fishing, camping, and mountain biking. In the winter and early spring, fishermen mainly focus on rainbow, brown, and lake trout. At a 3,500-foot elevation, Jenkinson Lake is the lowest lake offering the chance to catch a trophy lake trout, where catches of close to twenty pounds have been recorded. In most circumstances, you will need downriggers or lead-core line to reach the deep-dwelling lake trout. Most fishermen catch the lake trout near the dam or between the two islands directly across from the boat launch. There is a deep hole between the two islands that is over a hundred feet deep. Most people believe rainbow trout are the most abundant fish in the lake, but locals will argue that it is the smallmouth bass that leads in numbers, making Jenkinson Lake one of the best smallmouth bass fisheries in the entire state. A popular place to catch these scrappy fighters is the creek channel leading into Hazel creek. In early spring, the bass move into the creek channel in the masses to spawn. Another great spot for the smallmouth is an area in the five-mile-per-hour zone referred to as the chimneys. There is a couple of old stone houses underwater, and their locations are revealed only by the tops of their chimneys sticking out of the water. Under the water is a large flat area with a drop-off located just several yards from the chimneys. For the fly fisherman, stripping wooly buggers here can be a good bet. Another fun lake to fish lies just north of Placerville in the community of Swansboro called Finnon Reservoir. This small body of water is loaded with largemouth bass and bluegill that are not yet wise to the tricks of the fly fisherman, making this a great lake for the beginning angler. The easiest and most enjoyable way to catch these fish is with a top-water lure such as a popper, or for the fly fisherman, try small mice imitations. No motor boats are allowed, making Finnon an extremely relaxing place to fish. Finnon has excellent camping and a great restaurant located right on the water. The restaurant is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Some other great recreational lakes located within a 15- to 20-minute drive of Placerville are: Webber Reservoir, Blakely Reservoir, Slab Creek Reservoir and Cameron Park Lake . For more information on fishing in the area, contact Off the Hook Fly Shop.
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