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In-Line Planer Boards

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IN-LINE PLANER BOARDS Author: Stan Using in-line planer boards is a method used to get your lure presentation out to the sides of your boat. In line- planers like Yellow Bird by Yellow Bird Products and the TX-12 planer board by Church Tackle Co. do not require the use of a mast, they clip directly to your fishing line. Using in-line planers will allow you to cover a much wider area , as you pass through the area you want to fish. 1. Bring your boat to trolling speed. Then let your lure out to the desired fishing distance behind the boat. Once your lure is out to the desired distance, set the drag clicker on your reel to prevent it from free spooling. Then place your fishing rod in the fishing rod holder. 2. Take hold of the fishing line and clip it at the back of the planer board. Then attach the line to the release clip on the board. A. All planer boards are designed so the release arm is , for the right or left sides of your boat. 3. Remove your fishing rod from the rod holder and place the planer board in the water. Keep your rod tip as high as you can, and let out line until the planer board moves out to the desired distance from your boat. A. The maximum distance that an in-line planer will move away from the boat is governed by the height of the fishing rod tip.( this could make longer rods more desirable when fishing with in-line boards.) 4. When the in-line planer has reached the desired distance from the boat, Set the drag clicker on your reel to prevent it from free spooling. Then place the fishing rod in the rod holder. Set the rod holder to hold the fishing rod straight up. This will allow the planer to gain the greatest distance from the boat. NOTE; Be sure to place a large bead or bead- weight 20" ahead of your lure to keep the planer board from hitting the fish in the head. Once the fish hits the lure and trips the release.
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