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How to Make Your Own

Ghost Shrimp Pump

Fish On!

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How To Make Your Own Ghost Shrimp Pump Author: Ivan Here are all the parts you'll need. Take the PVC test plug and the 2 extra washers and assamble them together, drill an apropreate hole according to your bolt of the test plug into the 3/4in cap.Make sure you don't drill the hole too big. Now put it together with the 3/4 in cap. Take your 2in cap and drill a 1in hole in the middle. Cut the 3/4in PVC tube to 33 1/2in and insert it into the 2in cap. Attach the T to the tubing. Attach the test plug with the 3/4in cap to the tubing. Insert what you have so far into the 2in PVC tubing Cut the 2in tubing in a 45degree angle on the bottom. the shortest part of the angled cut will measure 36in Bring it all together and put the 2in cap on the 2in tubing. The 2 in cap is the only one that will not have PVC cement in case you need to adjust the plug. Take two 3/4in caps and two pieces about 2in long and put them together. Insert the two pieces into the T After you like the way everything fits together take your PVC cement and glue it to every cap and T except for the 2in cap.
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