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Fishing Best Fishing Lure and Bait Attractant Product Spotlight: Berkley Powerbait Fish Attractant Fishing lures and baits can work good on their own, but they work better with some added fish attractant added. It’s important to add fish attractant to artificial lures and baits in order to mask human scent, as well as to add scent to bring the fish coming to the dinner bell. Fish can be sensitive to scents transferred to the bait or lure from your hands. Whether it’s from tobacco, or your lunch, that scent does get transferred to everything you touch. Even soaps and lotions end up transferring to everything you touch. Scents can also be picked up from previous fishing trips or from your tackle bag or tackle box. Especially if you have someone on your boat that brings the dreaded bananas into your boat! (for those that believe in old superstitions). Most fishing attractants have some sort of oil base and there are literally hundreds of types of scents to choose from. Some of the most popular brands are hard to get off of your hands and lures, and the scent stays on you all day. They do work, but they are hard to get off of everything and you come home stinking like a rotten bait factory. For me, I prefer the lighter scents that are easier to get off of my gear and me. That is one reason that I prefer the Berkley Powerbait Fish Attractants, but the second reason is that it really does work! I was turned on to the Trout scent from Berkley Powerbait when I was a teenager fishing at Lake Amador. There was a couple fishing next to me, and they both caught limits. I did what every angler does when they see someone catching fish, and your not having any luck, and watched to see what they were doing differently than I was. I switched to the same bait, switched to the same leader length to try to get my bait into what they found as the strike zone. I talked to them, they were very nice and helpful, and they verified what I thought they were using, and they were nice enough to give me some pointers. I tried for a few more hours with no luck. Nobody else around us was catching any fish either. As they were leaving, the couple came over to me to wish me luck and the guy leaned down to hand me a small bottle of Berkley Powerbait Fish Attractant in the Trout scent, and he apologized for not telling me his secret weapon sooner, but he wanted to see if it was the powerbait scent was what was doing the trick, or if it was his tackle and technique alone. He let me keep his bottle of powerbait trout scent since they were heading home for the day. Only a few minutes after putting on the trout scent, they got to watch me reel in a five pound rainbow trout from the top of the hill, and they gave me a thumbs up. That was a day that I remember like it was yesterday, though it was about thirty years ago. Not only did I catch a nice sized trout, I caught a memory that will last a lifetime about a couple of great people that gave me their secret weapon, their Berkley Powerbait Trout Scent. I still use that scent to this day, and when I forget to use it, I don’t catch as many fish until I remember to put it on. Because of how much it touched me that they did this for me, I always make it a point to share the experience with others. If I see someone that is not catching fish, I always offer up my secret weapon, to return the favor that the couple did for me so long ago. Berkley Powerbait Fish Attractant comes in many scents, it is water soluble, and washes off easily. It comes in both 2 oz and 8 oz sizes. They have scents for catfish, trout, bass, walleye, crappie and panfish. It’s thick enough to stay on your bait or lure, but not too thick to make it hard to clean off. It enhances ordinary lures or live bait with PowerBait scent and flavor that Powerbait is known for, in a water soluble liquid fish attractant. This is my number one brand by choice for all of my lake fishing. If you are targeting stripers, sturgeon, steelhead, or salmon in the delta or river system, or landlocked salmon in the lakes, I switch my approach and brand entirely. My top pick then becomes Pro-Cure, which I will mention in a minute. Pro-Cure Bait Fish Formula Super Gel When I target landlocked kings, coho, or kokanee, or if I am fishing in the delta or river system for stripers, sturgeon, salmon, or steelhead, I change to a stronger scented and thicker fish attractant that can last through the currents in the delta and river system. This type of fishing requires a different level of fish attractant. I have found that with Pro-Cure fish attractants. My favorite choice when fishing on the delta, is the Pro-Cure Fish Attractant Scents. They have many different scents to target the finickiest of fish. Pro-Cure is much thicker, and harder to get off, but it stays on better than most other fish attractants. The water is quite stained in the delta, so the extra thick scents that will stay on cast after cast is definitely the way to go. The Pro-Cure Bait Fish Formula Super Gel, for example, is made from one hundred percent real baits, is UV enhanced, and packed with amino acids to entice more fish to bite. Pro-Cure has developed a new water soluble version of their best selling fish attractant scents, which gives you the best of both worlds. It still has the strong scent needed for the harsher water conditions in the delta and river system, but it is so much easier to clean off of your gear and your hands at the end of the day. This truly is a game changer. Thumbs up to Pro-Cure for this new miracle fish attractant.
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