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About Us

Lunker Hunter was founded by two brothers, Mike Mendenhall and Brian Mendenhall. They are both avid fisherman, and are constantly looking for new ways to catch more fish. The way to catch more fish is to always be on the cutting edge of what actually works. They do this using several different methods. The most important method being the old tried and true method of trying everything that they can think of to coax those lunkers into actually biting. Another method of being on the cutting edge is to share knowledge with other fisherman that are out there trying everything that they can think of and then reporting back to the fishing community what works for them. The problem with that is the webmasters of the typical fishing communities are not necessarily into this type of community with their full heart. They are into it for a business, and may not even have an interest in fishing. The end result is that the member's don't necessarily get all of the information that they need in order to succeed. So, they started Lunker Hunter to do just that. Two fisherman who whole heartedly love the sport of fishing. They hope to provide the best online resource for all of your fishing related interests.

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