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Welcome to Lunker Hunter. We are the best and most informative fishing source in Northern California. Along with a knowledgable staff to help you with all of your fishing needs we offer gear and techniques that really work. We are proud to say that we have shown thousands of people the tricks to catching fish. Not just how to catch fish, but how to catch a Lunker.

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Team Lunker Hunter Goes All Out in the 2010 Andersen Lumber Striper Derby

All three of the guys placed in the top ten finalists in the tournament with fish weighing 14.8, 16, and 18.9 pounds! Cisco Kid Lures was the top producing lure of the trip.

Check out the full post and pictures in the fishing forum by clicking here.

The Anderson Derby was a great time. We took my boat with my Dad, brother Tim, and Mark. We started out trolling shallow for many hours in and around Rio Vista thinking the fish were lower in the system because of the heavy flows of muddy/cold water. Not a whole lot of success shallow. I think we got 2 fish in the 22 inch range. Everybody was tired and decided to anchor up down by the Power lines for the night in hopes of catching a sturgeon. 2 more keepers before bed time then the fishing shut down for the night and so did we. The AM the next morning we decided to run Deep diving Cisco Kids above the bridge and off we went. Spent about an hour looking and scanning the screen for some descent fish then got the lures in the water at about 8:30. within 10 minutes FISH ON! I tangled with a really descent fish. Got her in the net and she went 14.8 pounds I think. We made a loop back and re grouped in the same line and put them down again. 10 minutes later FISH ON again! Mark is hooked into a nice fish now. After a long battle on light tackle he lands a beautiful 18.9 pound Male! It was a PIG! Tim and my dad ended up getting a couple more keepers. Then off we went to weigh in. Mark, Gabe(caught a 16 pounder in a friends boat) and I all came in within the top 10 places. We all won prizes. a smoker, a bbq, and a 50 dollar gift certificate for broadway bait. It was a great time with great company! Can't wait till next year!

I think there were about 300 entries if not more so we did pretty damn good well. Glad we decided to switch it up to Cisco Kids!

Double whammy for Forum Member 1SAST, Forum Post by Chartreuse Moose
"Ten Minutes fish on the port side and Eric was on it, during the fight a Bald Eagle wanted in on the catch and we started yelling at him. ten minutes later Eric had his first Mackinaw on board 8.10 lb. After all the pictures and hi-fives both rods back in the water and the port side rod went off. Told Eric grab it , the lake was getting ruff by now with 3 1/2 footers .This was a nice fish the way the rod was bent over and the determination look on his face fighting the fish after a twenty minute fight the fish surfaced and in the net Erice had his second fish of just a bit over 14lbs . Eric thanks for a great time , this is the second time now the Cisco Kid Wrangler did not let me down." Congratulations Eric!!! Awesome double whammy!!!

Posted By Forum Member MacDaddy
Found nothing but non-stop action for both Mac's and koke's. I couldn't believe that we go into them so thick.. Boated Kokes left and right today till the Fog lifted and some rat Mac's from 3 to 8 #'s all released.. But when the Bride's side went off it started peeling line off like she was set into another boat. 45 minutes later we saw the beast with the stickbait so far inside its huge mouth that he was stuck pretty good and gushing blood.. After a load of powerful runs to the deep he finally gave up and came to the surface. twenty minutes of trying to put life back into this Mac. His life was spent. Kinda Sad but thats alright he will be making lunch for my family the next two weeks. The last of the battle was given to my buddy Aarron since the wife was exhausted. So he was stoked to help in such a battle with one of the most powerful Mac's that I have ever stuck. Aarron now can say he did reel in a nice mac and didn't watch me loose it at the back of the boat like I did for him in Tahoe. That day is still stuck in my head. Nice fish baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Congratulations Mrs. MacDaddy!!! Awesome Fish at 18 Pounds 9 Ounces!!!

Posted By Forum Member GOLDENTROUT
I took my cousin Mike out for his first Mack hunt. I was working fish in 30' of water, I made a hard left turn and bam Mike had his first ever Mack hooked on a f-18 at 15' 150' set back. After a 25min fight I net this (13lbs)
Congratulations to forum member Leather_Head for catching this huge 6.8 Pound Smallmouth Bass on a 3" White Grub at Pardee Reservoir. Good Job Leather_Head. That's a really nice fish. The California State Record Smallmouth Bass is 9 lbs 13 oz, also caught at Pardee Reservoir, so that shows us just how nice of a catch a 6.8 Pounder is.
Check out the 12.2 pound, 27 inch Largemouth Bass caught by Donald Bennet, aka reptile on the Lunker Hunter Fishing Forum, near Placerville CA. CONGRATULATIONS to Donald Bennet for catching this monster Bass. See the post in our Bass section of our Fishing Forum.

Check out the beautiful 14 Pound Brown Trout caught today at Noon by team Lunker Hunter. Read all about it in our Fishing Forum. It can be found under the Brown Trout Forum, under the title " Oh the smell of sweet SUCCESS!!!! "

CONGRATULATIONS to Matt Wallace for catching and releasing this 14 Pound Female Brown. Good job on the release, she was full of eggs, and that definitely helps us all to ensure that the future of fishing can be as successful as today was for you.

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